Friday, December 3, 2010

Body Picture Challenge Day 3

I have been staring and staring at this picture thinking I have got to do this for Rachel.

She has helped me with her wisdom, let me use some of her stuff and generally gave me the best goodie ever the tiara! How could I disappoint? Its only day 3 since I took these pictures.

So last night I caved, had 1 small ginger cookie. Period that was it. Done, buh bye sugar rush! I went to Yoga core like a good girl and when I got home drank my whey casein too, again like a good girl.

I could dig up some rockstar pictures to motivate me but this does it for me, this is my comfy stage body. You know the one you always go back to? Funny Im just a size 4.

No I don't lose and gain the same 5lbs back and forth for me its the bf%. I usually stay around 120-124 most of the time, but did get to 113 after P90X not sure I like that look. But I do like the look of say 21% bf, or even 20% would be great. Then re-introduce some foods back it, its just work thats it and wanting to do it is the KEY here.

For me I want more symmetry.

I have little long legs, a huge back and a tiny butt. I am 5'4" but am all legs, as you can tell short waisted which means I have to do so much core to get a curve.

And of course that is where my body fat wants to hang on the most. I used to work my abs with weights but then they actually got bigger so now I just do more core work. I know my problem is with sweets. I just need to get back the correct meal plan and get busy working it harder then I have been.

Yeah, been slacking a tad.

I'm scrambling to get one more piece for my gym collection and to use for this challenge a TRX. I am meeting the guy after my client tonight, at about 7.30pm lets hope I get it.

You can bet this weekend will be "squeaky clean" eats.

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