Thursday, December 9, 2010

90 Day Picture Challenge Week 1

Here are the starting pictures from the 90 Day challenge, and this weeks shot last night.

1. I felt I did much better with sugar, had 3 cookies all week
2. Did not get in enough cardio - Kettlebell only which is good cardio but only Sat heavy.
3. Got in lots of protein - min 124 grams most days 160 grams
4. Lowered my carbs - 110 -150
5. Both sets of pictures are taken AFTER DINNER AT MY "FLUFFIEST" WEIGHT

Well it is what it is, for only 1 week (and no nutritionist on my side)

Start 12/1/10

Week 1

It can only get better from here, besides its just a picture right?

I will do my body stats this weekend. Tonight I get to demo my Pilates Ball routine to the Yoga Studio owner that I will be doing Dec. 17th PUMPED! I learned a lot in Cali Laguna Beach when I went to Treva's Studio (Core Movement Studio) she used to be a classical dancer, and am just now getting to teach this woot woot!

If you want to see some of the moves I will be doing check my Youtube favorites for the Pilates Ball workouts I have.

Yesterdays workout completed:
Kettlebell Basics Body Shred Workout & Pilates Ball
20 mins combo with 12lb Kettlebell & 25lb Kettlebell
Mood = Amp'd
Workout time = 20 min + 30 min = 50 min
Cals burned = 143

Warm up stretches:
Downward Dog
Side twist
Shoulder stretch with hands on knees
10 regular squats facing a wall - to teach you form

The workout:
10 squats
15 swings
10 row up with squat
6 single arm swings
10 upward row
10 swings
30 sec jumping jacks
10 -1 arm swings R & L
5 - single arm x 2
20 alt swings
10 pop ups
5 halos x 2 direction
5 twist pop up cleans x 2
3 clean press x 2
10 swings

I did not do this section this morning:

5 single leg rows x 2

Round out back
Open chest with hands on hips

7 Balance row single leg x 2

Forward bend
Open chest stretch hands on hips

5 overhead triangle x 2 (I had to use a 15lb db this was too hard)
5 low hand triangle x 2 (again 15lb db modify)

10 upward rows
20 front swings

Cool down stretches
Hands on leg forward hamstring stretch
Back clasp stretch

Pilates Ball:
Warm up lots of down dog, arm movements, leg stretches
Workout misc moves:
Leg circles
Single leg moves
Hip circles
Oblique crunches
Forward bend



  1. I love kettlebells! Sounds like you have a great workout!