Thursday, December 16, 2010

90 Day Picture Challenge

I don't really see any big changes here, but I have been pretty good with my eats *insert sugar intake here. My cardio has been down due to the winter weather, but I am feeling good about this challenge.

Here is this weeks pictures:

Week 0 Week 1 Week 2

I'm not sure if it is the distance on the picture or if when I take my stats tomorrow that I will see a change. It takes more then 3 weeks to get a change if your not doing something like carb cycling which I don't do.

What I have done is just try to stick with my macros.
My protein has been about 125-140 each day
Carbs 125-150
Fat 35-40
Fiber 12-20

Really my big concern is getting my abs back which will happen if I just cut the sugar. This time of year is the hardest, because I usually get my fav Godiva for Christmas.

My workout:
- TRX is coming waiting on Poster for Pilates moves.

Do you see any changes? Comments are welcome..........

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