Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm MELTING The Fat Off!

The good news is that my body fat is going down again! After that (slight) addiction to gelato in California I am getting back on the program.

Jillian did a great job MELTING fat off me today!

I worked up a major sweat with level 2 workout! I enjoy the fast pace and the challenge. [NOPE NOT DOING CROW I want to keep my head]

See why???

Today I warmed up with 50 regular jumping jacks first, and the more I do this workout the more I like it. But if your going to do an aggressive yoga like this right out of bed, I really believe you need more of a warm up then the one she does.

Getting your muscles warm and ready is the key, so things like marching or high knees works well too, along with some arm movements to warm the shoulders. Plus I add a wrist warm up too, things like prayer and wrist circles.

My after workout snack:
1 scoop pb Muscle Milk with 1 c vanilla soy
At the office a fruit bar

Here is my workout and stats today:
JM Yoga MeltDown Level 2
[This is Hybrid yoga using your own body strength training for lean muscles - JM ]

Mood - happy
Wt - 119
Time of workout = 35 mins
Cals burned = 76

Friday Stats:
WT - 119
BF% = 23.6
BMI = 20.4

All moves are followed by 15 sec pose hold

Warm up:
3 Sun salutations w/leaning back bends

Bent knee triangle w/lifts and arm overhead - R
Revolving triangle - R
Halfmoon leg lifts
Full moon
Bent knee triangle w/lifts and arm overhead - L
Revolving triangle - L
Halfmoon leg lifts
Full moon
Chair lifts
Leg ext big toe hold - L
Twisting crescent - R
Goddess lifts
Leg ext big toe hold - R
Twisting crescent - L
Boat pose toe taps
Tabletop lifts - L
Leg lowers straight leg - 3 count
Boat post toe taps
Tabletop lifts - R
Leg lowers straight leg - 3 count

Wheel - this is a back bend

Cool down:
Staff pose
Twisting spinal stretch


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