Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Biggest Loser NEW Workout Move!

Who gets your vote?

I watched BL last night and another 2 records were broken, and I spotted a new move to try!

First Daris with the time and then the fact that all remaining contestants finished and got the 10,000 charity check. How about Michael getting under 300 lb you go M!

It was a great show I am glad that Ashley and Mike are both in, starting as the biggest ever on the show how awesome is that to be in the finals?

New Move:
I have never seen this (maybe you have) was Jillian had Ashley on the Hyperextension chair and throwing a med ball to her. (this is the machine)

I really loved this move and have not seen it. Usually people use a weight plate and do lifts or obliques but this one with the med ball...RAWKED!
Here is what she did if you missed it:
.....throw med ball to her, catch in low position and touch the floor with ball, then lift up to extension holding ball, then back down to throw ball back to her..... GREAT move JM! (I'm guessing this was a 4-6lb med ball as not to strain the low back)

My post workout snack today:
1 Scoop pb chocolate Muscle milk powder
1 c almond milk

YogaMelt Down Level 1 = 30 min
Mood = Need it!
WT = 120
Cals burned = 65

"Body weight workout - Be comfortable being un-comfortable" JM

Warm up
Mountain pose & Breathing

Crescent lunges lifts
Chateranga pushup
Sun salutation
Warrior lunges - R leg
Camel heel touches
Rolling T-Side planks
Warrior lunges - L leg
Camel heel touches
Sun salutation
Warrior 3 - R leg holding leg pose
Elbow to plank to dolphin
Warrior 3 - L leg holding leg pose
Elbow to plank to dolphin

Cool down
Single leg bent reach stretch
Twisting spinal stretch

Here is my take on the Biggest Loser last night, I do want Ashley to win....

Who do you want back, did you vote and for who? Any guess on a winner?


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  1. I DID notice that move with J.M. I love anything that works multiple muscles at the same time.

    I can't beleive Daris put weight back on! He's gotta nip that snacking habit or I think he's the "biggest" one in danger of putting the weight back on after the show. Its hard to pick a winner since I feel like they all deserve it. I will side with the ladies though and vote for Ashley. If Michael wins though that would be so great too!