Wednesday, April 24, 2013



Who doesn't love a massage? Well I do ;-)

I know its not Mothers Day yet, but maybe you know a Grandmother that would like to know why its good to get a massage.

Check out my take on Geriatric Massage........

I finally got my art work in and I looooove it. Not sure if it seems to small for the space or not?
They are not even with the TV but you can kinda tell how they look from the side.

Front view, each is 8x20
I like how it pulls the color from the dark wall........
Its from:

I found this cool ball of glass too just $10 bucks.

I decided to add a piece I got a long time ago at a flee market to my table.
I think it was an ashtray?

It has a copper feel on the rim, and the shape is interesting so that saves me $45 on the piece I was going to buy for it. Sweeeet I love a design re-mix, I had it in the bathroom.

This was a switch cover from a rental property, it now shines in the new white room.

I swear Gracie is part cat!!! She cleans her paws little by little each millimeter before bed.
Tee hee.

And she has the longest tongue too!

Thanks for reading..........

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