Thursday, April 18, 2013

Barbie House!

Gracie loves to try to get on the bed!
I have been steady at the remodel since my injury, and I am waiting on a few more pieces and the 580sq ft Barbie House will be done.
Just missing the coffee table, its on the way = yay!

The accent wall doesn't look so dark now.

I love the white, white, white!

The accessories really pull it all together. Contemporary but not so Modern it is cold. I love the warmth of the floor and walls.

This is the lamp without the lamp on, its just simple and I love the clean lines. I gave it a 5 star rating.

And the pillow is a nice touch, I had it in the bedroom and thought it looks better in here = another yay!

I found these great pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond. DNKY for $15 bucks each on sale, hey I saved $70 bucks. Sweeeeeeet.

Then I put on the summer bedspread, love it.

And with the warmth of the lamps it screams.....relax!!!

Today I got the white bed skirt, and will get the rest of the accents this weekend. By next week it should be time for a House Happy Hour party ;-)
Thanks for reading.
Injury day 22.

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