Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Re-Modeling The Barbie House!

Gracie, the rescue dog just loved having the room empty!
I started do a design re-mix
Here she is looking cute!

I put down the new white rug and she thought it was her bed, even put her toys on it.

Then she got sleepy, no its not your bed Gracie!

Then it was back to romping in the empty room, ah all this space bark-bark just for little ole me!

So this is how it ended up that night, note I put the white blinds back up.

Added a pillow that morning and what a great airy feel the room has now.
This room is 8x10

It's almost spa-like!

I added a few accessories I had on other rooms. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. But I must admit, none of this has been good for my groin injury :-(

With the lamps on its so warm and cozy.

This room is waiting for furniture. I taped out how it would fit because its bigger then what I had before and this room is only 10X10

And the rug is a 4' circle rug

The TV will be mounted above the skinny table down from the doorway.

This is the view from the front door. Both entry's are about 30-32" and I will only have 1 piece of art and maybe a lamp.

Today's sunrise from the bedroom blinds

At the office in throw back 80's Izod green colors.

Client Yoga tonight
Groin injury day 13 still resting this week
Lowered calories by 300 yesterday and today and added more good fat with nuts.
Thanks for reading!