Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Refinishing My Hardwood Floors!

For years I wanted to refinish my hardwood floors and this year I decided to do it!
This is the company that is doing the work, his name is Paul
You can see this is so pretty, it is Pine wood. And since the house was built in 1938 you know they used good wood then.

I wish I could stay this color but it has to have a varnish on it. Boy does it smell!!!

Here is the same room with the varnish....pretty huh?

I just love it!!!

This is the bedroom, don't know why the color looks different but they are exactly the same.

Downside, is the smell of the varnish is so strong. I had to sleep in the basement and lets just say I had NO sleep! And I get to have this for 2 more day as each day they add a coat.
Don't know if this is good for Gracie either, I am keeping her in the dinning room area and outside during the day.
Money well spent since I was going to do laminate over them just to avoid this process....but again they are so beautiful I am glad I did it.
Thanks for reading..........and the NO sleep continues ;-)

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