Friday, April 26, 2013

Tempting Tuna cakes!

Wow I found the best ever Tuna cake EASY to make recipe!

You can find it here:

In just a few minutes you can have a good for you meal that feels so comforting you will forget that its healthy, I did!!!

I have been pinning a bunch of recipes on pintrest for girls night, most are chocolate (yeah go figure) or a type of appetizer. I just love pintrest!!!

Client Yoga last night and even though its day 30 of my groin injury it is finally starting to feel so much better yay!!!

I am so proud of my client she even did Wild Thing for the first time!

I love that pose!

Friday Stats:
Weight - 127
BMI - 20.3

May will be my Rockstar month! Thanks for reading..........

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