Thursday, April 11, 2013

Zuzka Power Yoga!

Super happy my Zuzka Power Yoga came!!!
Zuzka Light is amazing, and I love all the plyo in this.

I only got to preview it, but I plan on doing this workout soon.

Here are a few shots of her moves........

Rocking it!

Day 15 of groin injury, no workouts. But good news the accent wall is painted!!!
YES :-)

I also got the TV up now I need to get the table painted white and arrange how I want the accent things. Only wish I did NOT throw away my paint, I could have covered the wires in poly tube and painted it. Sigh.........

But guess who loves the new square rug????
Gracie ;-)

Today after the huge storms last night here is how the sky looked on the way to work, look at he layers of clouds pretty cool huh?

Client training yoga tonight.
Last night client training:
Step warm up w/3lb db

Chest press/skull crusher over step w/15 db
High bench step ups
Push up incline with opposite knee touches

Wood chops 8lb med ball
Single leg on bench row to triceps kick back 15lb db
Shoulder press 15lb db

Bridge up w/open leg to pulses
V-up crunch to boat pose in and outs
Reverse crunches straight leg 
Order Zuzka Power Yoga here:

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