Thursday, March 28, 2013

Insanity Round 2 Week 3

Round 2 week 3 Insanity is done!
Glad that week is over now its on to more fun filled Shaun T. action. My pulled abductor was still bothering me but I pushed through since this workout is mostly plyo, my fav. (plyometric cardio circuit to be exact)
Good news, got a new yoga client she starts on Monday. Yay!
Check out my family that took up residence in my tree :-)

There are 3 of them, so not sure who is who but they are the cutest little woodpeckers!
I love birds.

Gracie got a new "Toughie" toy. Yeah right, this was after just 7 minutes.
7 minutes = destroyed!

She went to Jenny the groomer today, can't wait to see her and smell her when I get home!
A clean puppy is a happy puppy (mommy)
Last nights workout this is a HITT workout.
Client training 35 minutes:
10 - Min High intensity cardio warm up

1 min intervals - 1 round each w/30 sec rest:
Ball decline hip lift triceps dip
Ball in and out core
Bench step ups
Plank push up w/ 8lb triceps kick back
Bench climbs
Chair pose on toes w/ 12 lb db bicep curl
Chair pose on toes w/ 12lb db to single leg bent over row
High plyo jump
Med ball 8lb wood chops

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