Friday, March 22, 2013

J-Lo Towels by Jennifer Lopez!

Yay, I bought new towels!
Lookie how pretty this light grey looks in the bathroom :-)
I couldn't be more pleased.

I bought these at Kohls, and they were on sale 50% off!!! Oh yes please, got them for 110.00 instead of the 220.00 = LOVE saving money.
I washed them and they did shed but that's fine, that is the point of new towels. Now they are even softer and the detail on the edges is so nice.
I feel like I am at a spa at my own house. Nuff said.
Insanity week 3 day 2.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh! This is so nice. I think I would also buy some towels for my own bathroom.

  2. Hey - reason I think you are Bar Towels are shedding was due to the edging if you want them to last longer, its always good to actually double stitched them after you purchase in that way they are not going to open up and start shedding after couple of washes.

    Just my 2cents