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Guest Post: Top 5 Tips for Running Outdoors

Yay guest blog from Macy.........about running my favorite :-)

Top 5 Tips for Running Outdoors


Outdoor running isn’t as easy as when we are running on the treadmill. For one thing the terrain usually isn’t even, and you have to be careful and watch out for other elements on the road or trail. It is more challenging and requires a lot of preparation. Here are some tips that can help and guide you in your outdoor running.


Things to Consider


Choose if you want to run in the morning or at night, but make sure that it is the most convenient time for you and the time at which you can train regularly. When running when its dark outside choose a well-lighted road, where reflective clothing, and consider taking or wearing some type of flash light.



Be aware of other vehicles on the road, including motorcycles and bicycles. When running outdoors on the road, be careful wearing earphones or headphones—you have to be alert and aware of your surroundings all the time. Run opposite the traffic flow so you can see the vehicles driving towards you—it is easier to avoid accidents when you can see what’s coming. If possible, choose a road that gets only light vehicular traffic.



Get a running buddy, join a running club on pack runs, sign up in a fitness program—do something that can make you keep on doing what you have started. Always welcome a challenge to motivate you to train outdoors.



Always prepare your body for any physical exercise, especially outdoors where you need to act quickly to avoid obstacles and make sure you run properly. Do warm-up stretching before your run and cool down afterwards as well. Stretching conditions your muscles and prevents cramping and muscle stiffness after running.


Food and Water

Eating a heavy meal before a run is a no-no; you can, however, have a banana (or something similar) before running. Bananas are rich in energy and can power you up during your run. Drink some water an hour before going out and after your run to replace lost fluids.




·       Always have a simple, specific, and different goal every day.


·       Always wear comfortable clothes with light and bright colors so you can be easily seen by other runners, drivers, and pedestrians. If you’re running at night, wear running shoes and gear with reflectors.


·       Do some warm-up and cool-down stretching.

·       Drink plenty of water the night before you run.


·       Alter or modify your route so you won’t get bored running along the same road every time.


Outdoor running is adventurous and exciting but it needs a lot of mental and physical preparation. To prepare yourself for the outdoors, you can build endurance indoors with Nordictrack® Treadmills  - Buy a Treadmill from the #1 Brand Online.



About the Author

Macy is an avid fan of the outdoors, and she likes helping others reach their fitness goals, whether that is exercising indoors or outdoors.




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