Monday, August 13, 2012

FREE Workout DVD Giveaways!

Got my NEW Trainer T Headband on Saturday, and Shirtabulous did a super cute! You can't really tell but it is in silver type and its so pretty I love it.
Spent the weekend adding my new Pilates are to my Fitness Studio.......check it out!

I love how it turned out and the total cost was $195.00. Reformer $80 + Chair $100 + Motivational banner $15 = $195.00 isn't so lovely???
 Look how you can tell this reformer gets you toned, check out my arms :-)
 Also today starts my FREE totally FREE workout DVD give-a-ways! I pay shipping too, these are workouts I have pre-view to do an article on and now am passing them on to help YOU get fit.
All you have to do is hit my Fan page, on the right side bar and message or comment me on why you want this workout. Easy, Free, and you can even tell your friends.
This is the first workout.........released this year 2012!

Hope to see you on my fan page.............lets get fit!


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