Monday, August 6, 2012

Best Lotion

How scary is this face mask????

I was given this mask as part of my birthday basket of body and skin care. Wow is it creepy! I had to take a photo since I have never seen anything so odd looking in skin care. I guess I felt relaxed afterwards since it had this minty feel about it, but I really did not see much difference in my skin.

This is my new FAVORITE lotion in the world!

Not only does it smell good, I am really seeing my skin look better. I used to have dry heels and elbows but not anymore!
Plus it smells devine!

So I went to the zoo and saw the new sea lions it was so fun. They are so cute, my favorite!

I decided to get some flowers for the house, aren't they fabulous???
and the sunflowers :-)

Happy Monday!

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