Thursday, August 30, 2012


Maui sunset, ahhh. Last night I had a double back to back client training. Here are my numbers from yesterday. I calculated this on the low end as usual. Tonight I will have the same back to back, with legs and core.

Workout - Lunch walk + 2 Clients back to backTime of workout -  1hr 30 min
Cals burned = 240

Client 1:
Step up w/db 8 min
Chest press decline - 10lb db
Hammer curls - 10lb db
Skull crushers - 10lb db
Back row - 25lb db
Push ups to down dog
Bosu jumps w/twist
Bosu plyo

Sit w/db lift and press then stand up - 12lb db
Plyo jumps 20
Ball crunch + stomp the ceiling w/cross leg

Client 2:
Step up w/db 8 min
Chest press - 12lb db
Hammer curls - 12lb db
Skull crushers - 12lb db
Back rows - 25lb db
Plank w/row + Walk down planks
Mountain climber to plank jack to jump ins
Push up - Military

Raised leg sumo squat w/10lb db
Dips w/toe touches
Kettlebell swings - 20lb

Can you do one of these 50 min workouts?