Monday, August 27, 2012

Girls Night Bissell Mansion Murder Mystery

I remember the night this picture was taken, it was girls night out and we had a blast! Of course this was in 2010 when my hair was blonde, and now I wonder if I want to add some of this color back in???

This weekends girls night was at the Bissell Mansion Resturant and Murder Mystery dinner house. It was amazing!

Both of my  girlfriends had parts and it was so funny to see! Here are some of the pictures........
Before we left with my bestest girl Lisa :-)
First we went to the gun range, and played Charlies Angels

This was after the shoot, posing. We were too scared to take any photos with a loaded gun!!!
Then we headed to the mansion, and for the reviews that said it was in the HOOD and scary...they had a cop outside the entire time and its just a few blocks from the interstate.

 At the entrance with my girl Kathy
 And with Lisa
Its a lovely place!
 Inside the mansion at the fireplace, it was built in the 1800's.
 Kathy as Daisy Duke, in a beauty contest
 Lisa doing her part, explaining what was going on
 And us with the cast after the show, they both were so funny and we had a blast! Oh and dinner was d-lish steak cooked perfect and the dessert was just the right touch of chocolate YUM!

Murder in Mayberry it was well worth the money, if your ever in STL you should look it up.

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  1. How cool is that, I admit, I secretly have always wanted to go to one of those