Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guest Post: My 4 Essential Gym Accessories

After my little weekend get-a-way I have been PuMpEd up about my workouts. Yes I actually got in 2 miles at lunch and a 2 mile run last night after my client training!

Again.....I have a guest blog for you by Karen Smith!

My 4 Essential Gym Accessories

If you’re like me, morning workouts are nothing short of sacrilegious. If I were to exercise in the early hours of the day, I would have to wake up no less than two hours before my regular waking hour; which means I would have to roll out of bed at 4:30 in the morning (no, thanks).

Instead, I prefer to fit exercise into my schedule in the evening. In fact, I work out at a gym that is only about ten blocks from my office, so I usually go right after work every day. Of course, this requires me to bring along a few items, since I can’t exercise in my suit pants and pumps.

Aside from the obvious t-shirt, shorts and sneakers, there are four other accessories that have become must-haves for my evening workout, because they make it a lot easier for me to go straight from work to the gym with no excuses.

POND’S Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes

These pre-packaged wet towelettes allow me to effortlessly wipe away all makeup before hitting the gym. Textured and with just the right amount of cleaning solution, this product is neatly packaged in a small plastic bag-like container that can be stowed away in even the smallest of gym bags. Infused with vitamin E and an antioxidant solution, these towelettes are also hypoallergenic and safe for contact lens wearers.

A Bag that Holds Everything

I like to switch things up quite frequently at the gym, which means I need a gym bag that can carry all the necessary accessories, all the time. I found this bag at a local store, but you can also purchase it at Gaiam.com. My gym offers a yoga class every day, so I like to bring my yoga mat with me every time; just in case I feel like joining the class on a whim. This bag allows me to strap my mat to the bottom, and gives me more than enough space inside for everything else (like my makeup bag and hairbrush). I also love the ventilated outside compartment for sweaty sneakers, and the side pocket that is perfect for my water bottle.

Fold-Away Laundry Bag

On those days that I must shower in the locker room after my workout, I like to separate my sweaty workout clothes from everything else in my gym bag by using this travel laundry bag. I found this at The Container Store for only $5.00! It’s a small polyester bag that is storied in tiny case that can be clipped onto another bag for easy toting. This neat creation has inspired several other ladies at my gym to do the same, because who wants to stink up their gym bag with dirty clothes?

Smartphone or MP3 Player Armband

My workout is fueled by a soundtrack of inspiring tunes, and all of my songs are stored on my iPhone. It’s not exactly easy to carry your smartphone or MP3 player while you exercise, so an armband is almost necessary. I found my armband at an Apple Retail Store for around $40; pretty pricey, I know, but it protects my iPhone from sweat and keeps it secured to my arm. Most armbands are sold where you purchase smartphones and MP3 players; just make sure it was designed to fit your particular electronic device.

With these cool accessories, I not only have no excuses to not go exercise, I actually get excited about my workout, because I know that the process will be effortless and streamlined. What accessories make your workout more enjoyable?

Karen Smith is a versatile freelance writer who also maintains her own business degree blog at www.onlinebusinessdegree.org. While most of her writing focuses on trends in small business, she also enjoys writing about the challenges of parenting, continuing education, health and more. Karen welcomes your comments below!


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