Friday, September 30, 2011

Jillian Michael Killer Butt and Thighs Review


This workout is worth every penny. It is not only working your buns and thighs but your core and arms too.

I give this workout a 10

She also adds some Yoga type moves and uses weights for the advanced so you never get bored. Plus she brings in some "old school" moves and some 30 Day Shred moves.
My advice, order it!

Level 1

Warm up:
(Repeat 2x)

Jump rope
Plank w/alt deep lunge outside plank arm
Military march (straight leg)
Pivoting crescent lunge w/switch leg hop

(Repeat sets 2x)

Lunge squat combo (same leg works)
Static sumo squat w/toe lift then hop it
Chair pose w/leg lift
Dead lift
Glute kicks

Judo bridge
Mt climbers
Swimmers alternate arms
Plank to wide leg chair jump
Glute kicks

Fire Hydrants
Donkey kicks - bent leg or straight leg
Side plank w/straight leg raise - inner leg for abductor (bent knee optional on elbow)
Elbow plank side straight leg pulse 90 degree at front waist
Plank hamstring curl

Front kick back kick single leg balance
Deep lunge to warrior 3
Squat 3 way kick
High knees
Pendulum curtsy

Cool down:

Standing hamstring stretch (push pelvis forward)
Forward bend wide standing stretch - reach right, center, left (20 sec hold for each)
Cross over straight arm stretch

Level 2

Warm up:
(Repeat 2x)

Lunge to standing split leg lift
Squat grapevine crossover
Flying pigeon (single leg crossed over sit back)
Windmill skaters (wider skaters)

(Repeat each set 2x)

Speed squats
Surrenders (back leg down to kneel to ground then stand back up w/db overhead)
Sumo squats w/db in prayer
Single leg skater
Squat hops

Burpee to superman
Reverse squat in Goddess
Double unders jump rope
Statue of Liberty single leg squat w/db held overhead
Single straight leg thrust bridge

Jumping scissor lunge (same leg)
Single leg burpee
Chair step up w/backward lunge w/leg lift (advanced at db at chest)
Chair straight single leg lift bridge
Knee pop ups step back leg back on knee then jump up

Single leg standing extension
Side lunge hop
Dancing crab - opposite hand opposite ankle/toe
Plyo lateral hops (P90X)
Star Jumps (From Chair position jump up jumping jacks) (P90X)

Cool down:

Standing quad stretch
Side reach stretch
Forward bend R-C-L
Laying bent knee hamstring glute stretch

Level 3

Warm up:
(Repeat 2x)

Swing kicks in and out
Alternating elbows to knees side oblique crunch
Diagonal touch towns - windmills
High knees
Lying scorpions - Airplane arms, roll opposite leg back (kind like kettlebell roll ups)

(Repeat each set 2x)

Downward dog right knee to left arm pit opposite knee under body roll
Table top knees off ground, frog hops or Downward dog hops
Crab kicks fast alternating legs (add plyo for advanced)
Mountain climbers single leg
Superman w/db

Hydro hops
Single leg extensions balance on one leg
Forward bend w/straight leg lift to behind you
Chair single leg dips w/db at chest for advanced
Cannon ball jumps (like Rockstar jumps w/o guitar)

Single leg dead lift R then L
Squat jacks w/bent elbows hands behind head (again P90X)
Squat w/side rounder kick R then L
Jump lunges alternate w/db at chest for advanced

Camel toe touch (genie) touch opposite foot for advanced
Oblique crunch straight leg standing side leg lift
Table top fire hydrant w/side kick

Cool down:

Forward bend R wide leg C then L
Low lunge stretching hamstring R then L
Bound Angle
Laying bent knee hamstring/glute stretch
Corpse pose

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  1. I was excited to receive my preorder of the Buns and Thighs DVD yesterday because I had just finished Ripped. I intend to do this DVD for a month, probably 10 days each level as you would with her Shred video. Level one was DIFFICULT, but I got through it with ease because I was primed by working with Ripped in 30.

  2. Italia,
    Thank you for leaving a comment I feel that is a good way to do the program. I will be doing this again this month.
    Keep me posted on results :-)