Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Upper Body Workout

Last night I had a great workout with my client. She said she "THOUGHT she was working out" while I was on vacation, then said I guess NOT. Since she was huffing and puffing that made my night!

See = Hire a trainer means better workouts and better results.

I still have to work on my memory box, its going to be a slow go. I might get to this weekend, we have girls night on Saturday woo woo.

Tonight Zumba!

Workout - Walk at lunch / Client upper body
Time of workout - 1 hr
Cals burned = 240

Intervals 2x30
Halo w/db
Sumo squats w/hammer curls
Med ball toss

Step ups - 1 min

Wood chops
Ball obliques straight arm
TRX scissors

Step ups - 1 min

Wall pushups w/claps
Bench mountain climbers
Donkey kicks w/db

Step ups - 1 min

Seal walks (bonus round 20)

Squat Challenge = 60

Here is Jamie Eason's 6 minute workout I put this on my favorites since I love combo moves:

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