Monday, September 12, 2011

Baaack from Vacation

OK, I have been MIA but that is because I was on vacation.

I will try to have my pictures loaded this week, and also more on my memory box that I am creating. The pile of stuff is getting quite large :-)

As for eating and workouts, I won't list them it was all about moving boxes, climbing ladders, packing stuff, hauling stuff and 3 frappes. I had 2 scoops of whey each morning but most of the time missed my meals.

I have no idea how many squats I did for my challenge but I think about A MILLION!

It was so crazy that EVERYTHING on my whole body aches. Plus I never got to go camping and I lost the diamond in my ring, then after 3 hours of searching found it! Praise God really, I called the grocery store and totally dissected my entire house after a long drive I just had the worst day ever!

Last place I looked, the vacuum cleaner and out popped a piece of fire! I was never so happy in all my life, I had to call the insurance company back with the good news. I don't care about the value, that stone is just so fabulous it is the best gift I ever got really :-)

This weeks plan, chiropractor tonight and Wednesday night along with a massage. I should be back in action tomorrow!

Image: Shape magazine

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