Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lots O' Pictures Blog Selling Moms House

Here are all the pictures from the house, and my sister, the pets and my aunt and uncle. We all worked very hard to do this design re-mix.

Hauled boxes, climbed ladders in the rafters of the garage, brought in mulch and took down lots of things off the walls and I have the bruises to prove it :-)

Yep, I went a little crazy :-) Knowing the work ahead of me (this is a hat from Napali)

The house, sits on 3 acres with a pond and 3 car oversized garage. (forgot to take the outside of the garage)
The front

Walkway - the land goes all the way to the street you see on the left side.

Cute frog (my aunt took him home)

The pond, has 14 fish in it

Her flowers (she has many) Up early each day at sunrise

lovely roses

Front room entrance

Desk office area with sissy Cindy


Sitting room opened to kitchen

Master bath

Tile floors

Hall with the pets

My sis in bedroom 1

Sissy sleeping

Avoiding me

Bedroom 2

With kitty

Plus storage pantry

Moms master bedroom pretty purple

The bathroom 3/4 bath

The nightmare garage, my aunt helped so much

I will try to put this before and after






My uncle Farrel taking apart the huge satalite dish for scrap

Glad to have that gone!

Tired puppies

Me and Cindy

Hitting the road home

Cherekee pass pit stop

Back on the road

See why I went to the chirpractor yesterday, and need a vacation from my vacation???


  1. I know this must have been tough, it is such a nice little house

  2. Thank you its been VERY tough for T. but I am strong like she was, I know with friends like you I will be stronger. Thanks :-)