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Guest Post: The Treadmill Review Guru

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Woo woo I have a suprise!!! A guest post from The Treadmill Review Guru

There certainly is a lot of hype about treadmills, a lot of which coming from me! And you might just be wondering: "what exactly is so great about treadmills? I can get a just as great workout if I step outside my front door!" While doing both employs your ability to run, running on a treadmill can offer you some more benefits than just regular running outside. Rather than give you the pros and cons of each, I'm going to show you how using a treadmill can amplify or increase the number of benefits of running.


So running is a pretty easily accessible workout right? Literally anyone who wants to can step out of their house and go for a run. Running has tremendous potential and can be one of the most effective exercises of all time and treadmills assist in bringing it to that potential.

Treadmills can do this by allowing you to get that great workout in the comfort of your home. Sure there are many advocates of running outside in the fresh air, and if you like that, then more power to you! But when it comes to the busy life of...well most people now days, where they don't have a whole lot of time, having a workout machine such as a treadmill in your home is very convenient. Maybe you only have 15 minutes to work and you don't want to go for a run outside that might make you late, that is when the treadmill comes in handy; you don't have to go anywhere!


Modern treadmills are stocked with all kinds of new and shiny features. From an iFitLive to decline capabilities, treadmill manufacturers are working hard to make your workouts more interesting and fun.

Built-In Workouts

One thing that treadmills do that greatly improves the effect of running is the feature that most treadmills will support these days is having built-in workouts. These are extremely useful tools that will allow you to get the kind of running workout that you want. Most will have the workout titled after what type of race it is designed to train you for, for example, they will be titled "Marathon", "Half-Marathon", "10k", you get the point. By selecting a workout, the treadmill will control everything; like the speed, and incline so you get a specific workout that you might not be able to obtain otherwise.

Incline Training

Another great thing that can amplify your running workout, that treadmills offer, is incline training! Honestly, I don't think there is a bigger fan of incline training than me! Do you realize that on a small incline you can burn nearly 5 times the calories?? Incline training alone is a great reason to buy a treadmill! Yeah, you can walk up and down the hill next your house till the cows come home, but with an incline training treadmill you have full control over the incline; set it higher if you are feeling like a boss, set it to a negative slope to get a more realistic workout. The bottom line is that incline training takes the exercise of running to a whole new level.

Run Anywhere!

This is a fairly new feature that only a couple of brands have employed into their treadmills. The capability to synca treadmill to Google Maps is an extremely effective tool. Not only is it super-cool and will make you feel like a tech-guru, but it can actually help to keep you interested and motivated in running. This feature lets you put your treadmill's display into street view mode on Google Maps so that you can feel like you are running anywhere in the world! What's more is that your treadmill will even adjust the incline/decline according to where you are running.

Treadmill companies have running down to a science! They know what is best for you and what you will benefit most from.

About the Author: Treadmill Review Guru is a running fanatic that prefers treadmills. You can read honest and unbiased treadmill reviews on his site, TreadmillReviewGuru.com.



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