Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Colors, Planes and Cars

The weekend drive was amazing for colors. Here are some of the shots I took.

Caterpillar's were everywhere sun bathing :-)

Super cool old house with a tin roof

This "jail" is next to the old house above

Starting to see the planes at the open house. (note the cop did not like my U turn)

You can barely see the planes coming in for a landing

At the airport area where the plane open house was

Where they gas up

Some of the cool planes

How fun!

I love the wooden propellors

and the army planes

Orange, I loved it!

I wish I could fly one...........

Mash look a like!

Cool cars........

Insanity Day 17.


  1. I love these pictures, thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks BDD.....I have been trying to get on your blog and it just never loads.
    I miss it! Must be something at the office, just know I am still rooting you on champ!