Friday, October 26, 2012

I Love Fall Style!

Finally its Fall weather here, and I can't wait to get out all my jackets and scarves! This was my outfit yesterday at the office.

Do you crave things late at night you shouldn't?
My go-to is tea. I love making hot tea, and you know if you like spicy stuff this tea is the BOMB! It taste amazing, and refreshing.
It does have caffeine, so if you don't want that at night pick a night time tea that is caffeine free.

Today's sunrise, it was a beautiful morning crisp and in the 50's.
The sun and warmth has kept my workouts going strong.

Today at the office, after Day 19 of Insanity. Wearing my new Burberry scarf one of my clients got me, I just looooove it!

This weeks numbers:
Actual = 1952 / Goal = 1440
Here are the workouts:


Workout - Insanity Day 19
Time of workout - 45
Cals burned = 290


Workout - Insanity Day 18 + Teach Yoga Core
Time of workout - 40 min + 60 min
Cals burned = 460


Workout - Insanity Day 17 + Abs + Client training
Time of workout - 55 min
Cals burned = 354


Workout - Insanity Day 16 + Client training Butts and Guts
Time of workout - 40 min
Cals burned = 258

8 min Bosu w/2lb db

Banded donkey kicks
Banded pulses
Banded roll ups w/leg lifts
Banded 100 w/bicep curls

Planks w/20lb kettlebell row
Reverse crunch w/legs crossed
Bridge w/single leg lifts/pulses


Workout - Off day + Client training
Time of workout - 10
Cals burned = 30

8 min Bosu step up w/db

Sandbag cleans
Jacks w/jumpless rope and skis
Walking planks on towel

Med ball twist - 8lb
Vsit bicycle crunch on Bosu
Jump squats

15 minute Yoga
Making it count, Insanity day 19!

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