Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sweaty Workouts!

Todays sunrise.........ahhhhh fall sky.
I finally got the driveway sealed it look amazing!!!

I did not have the cracks patched, just sealed even that was expensive when you have a long driveway.

Those are mom's little statues I got when she passed away.
Today at the office, I like this picture and my new hair. I didn't even shampoo it and look how great it looks after sleeping!

Getting ready for Halloween!!!

Cute huh?
I love Halloween!!!!

This was my favorite shot, but then I noticed my necklase was not straigh *sigh.
ha ha.....oh well you got to love digital cameras.

The workout:
Workout - Client training
Time of workout - 1hr
Cals burned = 442

Squat w/db overhead + leg lift - 10lb
Dive bombers - 10
Chair hops - 30

Bent over row w/20lb sand bag - 30
Plyo jumps - 20 + Towel hops
Single staight leg chair get ups - 10 each leg

Crunch w/5lb db punches
Mason twist w/2 5lb db
Reverse crunch straight leg stop w/20lb sand bag

Towel plank in and outs - 30
Decline curl to shoulder press - 15lb
Handstand push ups - 3
Nuff just got to love a sweaty workout right?

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