Monday, October 22, 2012

Cliff Cave Looking For Bats!

I went to Cliff Cave park, a place I have not been since I was in High School.

I went in search of bats in the cave. This cave was more like a quiet place to go, even though some kids would party there.

We hiked next to the road to get to the cave entrance.

Up the big hill past a creek

Lots of fall colors and leaves

We can see the entrance way up

Near the top of the stream

We finally make it to the top

It is now gated off. Since 2009 and you have to go in with a park ranger to get inside. It also has a security camera so there is NO trying to sneak in.

The gate has one small part that removes so that you can enter. You can't be super big or you won't fit. It was really cool watching everyone snake through the hole ha ha.

This is what you see at the top, sadly a bunch of graffiti. *sigh......It can't be removed because it will harm the bats in the cave, so it must remain.

This used to be a winery, but it was only opened for 2 years.
Sadly I also saw some empty cans, if you look really hard you can see them they are red coke and red Budweiser cans.

We got the history of the cave and instructions from Kieth on going into the cave. And about all the limestone, bats and salamanders we would see.

The we lit our headlamps and took off for the cave.

The cave entrance is behind that wall in front of you, a 4 foot drop down to water and mud and FUN! This little guy had to be helped and carried through the deep water.

Looking outside from the cave, I now know how cattle feels being caged.

Here is more graffiti, sadly it has to stay.

You can see how dark it is going to get when we get in the cave.

This is the sign that was posted in the front of the cave.

Looking for bats in all areas

This is how dark it was with about 12 people with headlights on

A small brown bat......just hanging out!

This is the largest in the cave. We saw a total of about 15 to 20 bats in cracks and on the was so awesome!

I love this shot, it looks like some ancient atifact.

Leaving the park the colors were amazing!

It was only $7.00 per person to go to the cave and very worth it! Not only to see the bats but also because I grew up going in the cave it brought back many memories.

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