Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest Post: How to Encourage Your Kids to Exercise


I have a guest post for you from Agnes Embile Jimenez a professional blogger and writer ......about kids yay!


How to Encourage Your Kids to Exercise
It is recommended that children do 60 minutes of exercise per day. This does not need to be at the same time and can be split throughout the day to make it achievable. However, many children prefer to sit in front of the TV or at the computer instead of doing exercise. Here are some great ways to encourage your children to exercise on a regular basis.

Buy a Treadmill
There are many benefits to running on treadmills. It is inside, away from the cold, and it offers different settings. You could go on the treadmill too and take it in turns, which is a great way for both to keep fit. There are many other types of exercise machines that offer similar benefits, including cross-trainers or air-walkers and exercise bikes.

Play on the Games Console

Games console makers have all created devices to move more while playing games. The Nintendo Wii and the Xbox Kinect are two examples of these. The benefit of these is that they are fun, which makes children want to do the exercise. In fact, they are so fun that children will not realize that they are doing a chore, which also makes them want to do more. To children, they are playing video games.

Play Sports
Playing sports is an excellent way to exercise. There are two options for this. You could take them to the park to kick a ball around or you can help them find a club in a sport that they enjoy. Joining a club is also a great way for them to make friends, find a passion and stay out of trouble after school. Many children enjoy playing sports due to the social side of the exercise. Many also enjoy the competitive nature of sports, which gives them something to aspire too.

Allow Children to Choose the Exercise
Avoid making them do something that they hate. This will just lead to them rebelling and not want to do exercise in the future. Ask them to try something new if they have never done it before and ask them to try it a couple of times, but respect their views if they decide that it is not for them.

Take the time to find something that children enjoy. This is the first step to encourage them to exercise. It is important for them but they need to find it fun to want to do it on a regular basis.

Guest post by: Agnes Embile Jimenez a professional blogger and writer at http://www.empressofdrac.com/


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