Friday, November 2, 2012

Insanity Day 26

Today's workout was 55 minutes, and day 26 of Insanity. This is the farthest I have got on this program. Twice I made it to day 15 and quit because of my back and knees.

This time I have been wearing my knee braces every day. It is still a killer workout, and I am doing the best I can but am DETERMINED to finish this time around.
Close the books on Insanity in 2012. Finally. Close it down Shaun T. Tired of your "Dig Deeper" with your 6-pack crazy insane 34 year old body! Feel the love.

Now that I am over 50, I got these.......

At least they are purple ha ha. Me a "Silver" so NOT digging that!!!

Today at the office, after my workout and some dry shampoo....and my cute new Lululemon running neck warmer :-)

This was today's sunrise on the way to work............

This is the next FREE workout DVD on my fan page.....if you want it just tell me why, you pay nothing. You can find my Face Book fan page on the side bar.

Making it count, pushing forward!

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