Friday, June 15, 2012

New Fitness Toys!


Woo woo, I got new fitness toys! Thanks to my clients for making my biz profitable I was able to add a few more things. (I don't want to post this on my Facebook fan page so my clients will be surprised shhhhhh)

Here they are........and I actually got these cheaper retail then if I would order them wholesale.

Bosu, Bosu, Bosu!
Just youtube bosu workouts and check out what you can do with this bad boy! This was on my list last year, and this year I got it.

Rubber mat
Great for mountain climbers and things where you want to "stick" or if your hands get sweaty. I love rubber for that and my other Zoba mat was $80 this is almost the same for 1/2 the price!

(Gift to me...Pocket outside and inside to hold keys, water, change of bottoms and towel I love it!)

Core-a-rama and check out the price drop!

Check out the action of this little toy, and reviews. Fierce!

I am not sure what my favorite will be, but I have some that are already close to number one like the kettlebell and mini yoga balls.
So what is your favorite fitness toy?

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