Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Circuit Training: Get Your Sweat On!

Meet Cindy, after a workout at Trainer T. Fitness. NOTE the head band, sweat and a B.I.G. smile. Why? She has lost 37 pounds and is getting healthier each and every day with her new lifestyle fitness. Look at those curves baby!

She was kind enough to let me post a picture of her, in all her sweaty glory! How are we getting great results in a short amount of time?

Circuit. Training.

Bringing the heart rate up and down just blast calories, plus it is never boring and just down right out F.U.N. see the smile ;-)

Last nights workout - 1 hour of calorie blasting strength training, boxing and yoga.....sweeeeet!

The moves:

Push up w/db row

Bicep curl-decline chest press/shoulder press

Stability ball skull crusher

Mountain climber on towel

Sandbag swings

Sandbag rows

Push up w/boxer

Dips w/leg reach opposite leg

Overhead triceps curl


Jab w/knee ins

Jab w/twist

Up down jab


Forward bend series

Down dog to 1/2 sun salutation


Thread the needle

Cobra to extended puppy


Happy baby

Savasana w/foam roller

Cardio, strength, cardio, strength.....its just that simple!

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