Monday, June 18, 2012

Amazing Facial!

I got to get a facial over the weekend, a chemical peel and the results were AMAZING!

Have you ever had one? Cattrena who did my facial said that celebs do 70% of this mild acid,  this facial was 30% and it didn't hurt at all and made such a difference. It did kinda smell like rotton eggs lol. OH Check out my skin
Some big bumps I had are COMPLETELY gone!!! When the girl at Massage Luxe said it would take quite a few facials to get rid of them at $60 a pop! I am so glad I didn't waste my money on that.

I get to go back next Saturday for the actual facial part, I can't wait to see my skin. And then I got a FREE shellac nail polish, included in the Groupon deal woo woo! Then I got these products 2 new for my face and the free gift, which also included a tote that is beach worthy  Lifting cream, 2 lipsticks, a comb and mascara Even though I missed my dad, I still had fun being a girl.


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