Monday, September 16, 2013

Yogahour Teacher Training

This weekend was again intense! Yogahour teacher training is so fun, hard, sweaty and completely helping me grow it is amazing!
Love. It.
Here are some fun new colors for my toenails for Yoga..........
You like???
Blue green, copper, and dark blue nice fall colors.
My journal is getting filled with what I am learning, and I love reading it back just from one weekend ago.
Sorta like my blogs how I have changed since 2008.

And I miss Gracie since my weekend is totally all about classes so here are a few pics of her.
Can you see me mom?

Don't touch my tennis ball lol. I just got her this ball and she loves it, I know she looks mean in this but she is just a big ol'e sweetie pie!

Workouts -
18 hours of Yoga training.
Ps, I still have not forgot to do the re-cap on Zcut I will :-)
Thanks for reading chow!

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