Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Home Stuff

I got a new rug for The Barbie House!
I like how it looks, and it is great because Gracie won't slide off the bed anymore when she jumps down.
I have been worried she would hurt herself with the new SLICK refinished floors.

So this is how it looks with the white pillows, cute no?

I also got a table and art for the back entrance.
The round rug is on order, then it should be pulled all together and a super
HELLO come on in look!
Me with eyebrows painted on......

ready to go out to the country.

With my bestest........

So we hit the winery and look who is trying to get people motivated to DANCE AND BURN CALORIES?
Yeah that's me in front of the stage with hand up lol

And I am wearing these funny rockstar sunglasses that belonged to Jenna......

Here we are having fun in the sun.

What I wore, my mothers pearls as a way to have her with me.
Thankfully they played Proud Mary!!!
RIP mom love you!

Yeah so here is my eyebrows, I learned from my girlfriend on how to put my eye make up on......
Not too bad I kinda thought I looked younger ;-)

Oh and I decided to get some fall place mats!!
$4 bucks to cuteness :-)

I came out of the bathroom look who has made herself comfy on the new rug???
Grace ;-)

My homework last night, for my 200hr RYT and Yogahour teacher training........

ZCut Power Workout Bonus

Side lunge to overhead press 7lb db
Plank row to burpee 7lb db
Side hops

Cool down - 8 min workout     
Thanks for reading..........chow!                      

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