Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The New Christmas Tree

I got a new Christmas tree!!!
I know it sounds crazy its 100 degrees here, but I could not pass up this "Champagne" skinny 6' Christmas tree on sale 50% off.
Plus my old skirt matches it, and I love how I don't have to move any furniture either.
I will be using my Nate Berkus ornaments I got last year, and I may add some flowers.

I even bought the display bow since it was half off!

How cool is that?

Plus I hit Garden Ridge and got these cushions for only $7.50 each.
I was tired of how I had the back porch, so all I need is some piece of art and its done.
Maybe a round rug, if I can find one I have been searching like crazy.

My new favorite coffee is New England, and its the doughnut shop.
It has a filtered back but fits in the Kuerieg.

Today's sunrise was lovely.

Since my Yoga Teacher training started, I have decided to not continue with ZCut Power Strength training for now. I may end up doing one or two mornings but I am not sure.

Sweaty.........thanks for reading.........chow!

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