Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Killer Workout at The Barbie House!

Labor Day I decided to work on the landscaping.
Who knew I would end up burning 1,200 calories?
I trimmed all the bushes and trees and mulched.

Cleaned out the flower beds

Pulled all the weeds and cut all trees along the fence

Got 2 new chairs for the back, need cushions I am thinking orange?

The front, I added my mothers fake ivy for now. I will be adding mums for the fall.

Mulched and cleaned, pretty huh?

This is the BIG DOG landscape project.
All the retaining wall needs out and new landscape retaining blocks need put in.

The Barbie House

The massive pile of brush, and lots of sweat!

I moved around some of the yard ornaments Mr. Frogs new home.

He was on the back, now he is in the flower bed.
And I like the new clean look

Just need something more it will come together.

The retaining wall that needs replaced badly.
Again $$$

It is a full 90 feet and about 4 feet high.
Will need drainage too.
Cut my bush to a mini tree, I like his hair cut.

At the office..............

This weeks killer workouts with the new ZCut Strength Training 60 Day Program:
ZCut Strength Month 1 Week 1 Day 1 (Monday new program started)
Squat w/shoulder 5lb db press
Side hops 100
Side lunge R L then Side punch R L w/5lb db

Gardening - pulled all weeds off 90 feet of fence, trimmed all trees and shrubs and mulched.    (1,200 calories burned)                       
ZCut Strength Training Month 1 Week 1 Day 2 (Tuesday)
Switch lunge w/5lb db
Plank on db w/side plank
Client Yoga - 1hr 15 min
ZCut Strength Training Month 1 Week 1 Day 3 (Wednesday)
Squat db press to overhead
Side plank burpees
Forward lunge w/db twist
Pike knee ins

Client training - 1 hr 
Thanks for reading I will do a final blog on the ZCut Cardio 120 day program...........Chow!

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