Friday, September 27, 2013

Fish and Rice Recipe

Last night I made an easy meal that was very healthy........
Fish and rice.
All I did was cook the brown rice set aside, then I browned onion and small sweet bell peppers.
I added the rice in the skillet and added a dash of low sodium soy sauce.
Placed the baked fish (Pollock) on top, and DELISH!

Side salad was the rest of my peppers and low fat sesame salad dressing at 35 cals per tablespoon.
High protein and low fat.

Today I will make more time to study.......and study!!!

I did my class last night took 40 minutes to do almost the entire hour.

At the office............

On my way I saw 2 Red Corvettes side by side......
wish I was in one lol

40 Minutes Yogahour

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