Monday, September 30, 2013

Its Fall!!!

Gracie loves Fall!
I got 2 new mums for the front, I love the colors next to the house.

Dug up my pumpkin guy and put him in too.....
Everything is all matchy now :-)

Then I decided time for a throw pillow re-mix!
I brought out my teal blue pillows that will go great with the new Christmas tree.
I will be doing more of an animal theme with burgundy, red and brown.
Fun and contemporary!

Went to dinner on Saturday........
Had a good hair day ;-)

My fun leggings...........

Went to Soulard restaurant it was very good, I had a groupon for $25 off. It was still $75 bucks, with 2 glasses of wine.
The patio there is amazing!
Then Sunday I went to the cemetery, I made these purple for mom and the blue for dad.
 Pretty huh?

8 min warm up

Burpee combo down dog to plank
Decline ball in and outs
V up with ball w/twist

Sandbag cleans in sumo squat
Burpee plank to knee in R and Left jump up to standing
Reverse crunch with overhead stability leg lifts

Med ball wood chop to core twist 8lb
Laying 15lb db press
Skull crushers 15lb db

Yoga cool down     

Cals burned = 211
Wt 125
BMI - 20.5

Thanks for reading...............                     

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