Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Pelvic exercise DVD “inControl”

Image: www.Collagevideo.com
Recently released is the revised edition DVD Pelvic exercise for women simply titled “inControl” with Pilates expert Karen Armstrong. Designed to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles using core Pilates principles and therapeutic exercise routines for better pelvic health and enjoyment.

Karen Armstrong gives clear verbal and visual instructions, with inserted graphics to help better understand how to perform each movement.  

Divided into two groups you can work one or both as time allows for you personally.

Group One – 15 minutes

Group Two – 8 minutes

Introduction and helpful information – 7 minutes

Includes moves such as:

Pelvic tilts

Hands against knees


Toe dips

Ball (or towel) press

Group Two has three sections, lying, seated and standing. Also included is an Exercise prescription which can be followed to get the best benefits from this DVD. Available for price point of $19.95 less SH & tax at www.CollageVideo.com website.
According to Karen “This video can help you improve areas of incontinence, sexual response and recovery from childbirth.”  

Pelvic exercises for women can help any women regardless of age or fitness level; improve pelvic health for proper function, awareness and enjoyment. Whether you are pregnant, thinking about having a child or suffer from weak or damaged pelvic floor muscles inControl Pelvic exercises for women can help.

Contact Karen Armstrong for interviews and appearances at (831) 656-0553





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