Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Workouts!

I got the tree up this weekend, and I have a new color scheme! My old ones were faded, they were blue and silver. This year I decided to go with red, cream, gold and brown. I just love how it turned out!
I got new pillows and a new tree skirt too.
Here is my Grinch my sister got me last year, he is still one of my favorite pieces.

Here is the front, you can tell that colors go great with the art work. Which next year, I will be putting up a great big wreath my sister is giving me.

This wreath is on the back door, and I made it in 1985.
I left the bright red bow, because I have a Santa on the back porch that matches it. I will be adding a few things to pull that together since its the entry where I park.  

We had a lovely sunrise again pink. This year in STL we have had some fabulous sunrises and sunsets that anyone that paints or loves taking pictures would be in heaven over.
I am!

Just 2 weeks left on Insanity, here are my holiday weekend workouts......
Thursday workout - Insanity 60 min
Fridays workout - PiYo 60 mins and Insanity 58 minutes
Saturdays workout - Yoga 60 mins and taught Intro Yoga 60 mins (Day off Insanity)
Sundays workout - 75 mins Hot Yoga and Insanity 38 minutes
Today going to the dentist, wish me luck!

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