Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Insanity Day 43

Traffic Wednesday to the studio was nuts!
I hate being stressed before I get there. It is to the right of the hair salon, which is all lit up. We leave the lights off until we get there. You can see the Yellow pizza sign clear as day too. Anyway it was fine I was just on time.

I went to the Central West end this weekend, the weather was about 55 degrees and very nice for walking around. I did stop by the cup cake shop and tried the Boston cream pie, but I forgot my camera.

My hair today.............with scarf

Just trying to get new ways to fix it.

After sweating like crazy doing Insanity!
Its going to be short week for us here I am so happy we are closed on Thursday! I think I am going to run if it stays that nice!
Insanity Day 43
Everything is sore
My shoulders are spent from the push ups
I feel weak since you don't get a break its very repetitive.
Everyone is about 30 years old doing this video, and seem like they have done this program about 10 times.....for me I am sticking in there, 3rd time is a charm. Go T. GO!

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