Monday, November 26, 2012

Spot On Energy Patches WORK!

I got some samples sent to me, and I was very impressed! The new Spot On Energy patches are amazing, and they are calorie and chemical free. You can just toss them in your wallet or gym bag, purse or glove box and anytime you need a boost its there for you.

Just peel and stick them on and your set. No carbs, no nasty chemicals, just all natural easy to use energy and focus.
I placed mine on my arm just before doing Hot Yoga, and it stayed "stuck" on even during my sweaty drippy session!

And you can tell that even making a muscle or movement they stay in place! You get 2 in a pack for way less then you would pay for 1 energy drink or shot. $3.49 and you don't have a crash or nasty jitters. I can't teach with jitters, so this was perfect. Last 15 min to 5 hours you choose how much energy you need, not a drop of calories!

You can find out more about my new favorite product right here

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