Friday, December 7, 2012

New Running Shoes!

I'm not sure how these shoes would be but I think they are a fun concept, and heck with over 200 "Likes" they must be popular!
 I have Fila running shoes I use at lunch, but they are not my favorite brand for my feet. And you have to have the brand that works for you, or the shoe that fits wee.
(Shoe Images:
These are my new running shoes, my Nike Initiator yay!
Got them on sale, plus used my coupon = total with tax $26 bucks and some change, cha-ching!
Love Kohl's for workout shoes!

I have no idea why shoes are so colorful now, who wants all these colors? If its true that the baby boomers have all the money they are we the ones buying these?
Can't wait to give these a try this weekend, if the rain holds out.
Fitness update:
4 more days left on Insanity
Teaching Yoga Saturday
Going to Hot Yoga on Sunday

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