Monday, November 5, 2012

Yup, I Have Red Hair!

I changed my hair color over the weekend since I got an extra RED!
I think it makes my eyes look much greener do you?
Then my new skirted leggings came!!!
I was super pumped, I got them under $30 with shipping. Check out the cute, adorable packaging. Of course if you see my scarf above then you know I love this print.

I put them on, and they fit perfect. Then I decided to wash them before I wear them just in case my sensitive skin doesn't break out. They washed up perfect, then I hung them to dry and pulled on the legs and skirt a bit just to get any wrinkles out.
They look and fit perfect just like when they arrived!

Since I had inventory and a free hotel stay I enjoyed my Saturday night, with 3 free drinks. I know your thinking, happy hour calories? I tried to be very mindful and although I came in a bit high, my macros were not bad.
Thanks Sarah and the Drury Hotel!

So now I am wondering, can I still wear pink lip gloss with Red hair?

Day 30 Insanity, on a roll!

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