Monday, March 12, 2012

Wedding Crashers

I went to a wedding on Saturday with my girlfriend because her date canceled. So I kinda was a wedding crasher I knew ZERO people.

The wedding was at 10am, and the reception at 11am it ended at 3pm. It was at the Chase top floor Zodiak Room it was super fancy.

My girlfriend, looking lovely

Who I was supposed to be

Yes I had a glass of red wine with the Beef which was fabulous.
Salad after I cut it

Meal - which was very high in protein and D-lishisly tender!

The cake I had coffee too

Table center piece so nice, large flowers with stems pretty


Cool picture of Diane

Cool picture of T

On our way out

It as a sunny 70 degree day, the bride and groom really lucked out.

My calories for the day 1432
Protein 101
Carbs 180
Fat 42

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