Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Insanity Day 1

Yes, I belong to 2 gyms and a Yoga studio but I did Insanity Cardio this morning and it was tough. I forgot how tough this workout is but am determined to get in top shape for the beach this year as I turn 50!
Revisiting Shaun T. again could be a wise move, last time I did this program I lasted 1 round. Of course I wanted to do 2.

I felt so ENERGIZED!!

What I like - The warm up kills you

Climbing ladders

Plyo jumps

What I hate -

High knees

Anyway I was thinking I wanted to come up with a great workout plan since ear surgery, so I decided to stick with something that had basic moves for 60 days. Then I may start P90X2 just depends on how my clients go.

But a good friend of mine really gave me a good kick in the butt and that is just what I needed to be MOTIVATED!

Today: park running workout

Tonight: client training with heavy weights

Maui...........the count down is ON!

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