Friday, March 9, 2012

Butts & Guts Workouts

I have been taking these NEW Women's Vitamins for about 3 weeks, not sure if they are making any change in energy, they taste nasty but I am giving them a go. (They make them for men too)
Packed with 20 fruits and veggis here is the link

Today's sunrise

and my lunch

Yesterdays outfit

my new beads for the JUKE for St. Pats month.......

A few of my favorite things.......

Yesterday lunch workout = 2 miles
Client workout = Butts and Guts on Tuesday and Thursday
Time of workout - 1 hour
Cals burned = 90

Butts & Guts
Tuesdays workout:

Ball overhead straight leg crunches
Bridges on stability ball w/pulses
Straight leg crunch
Pilates ball squeeze basic crunch
Pilates ball squeeze reverse crunch

Pilates ball glute press lifts w/pulses
Pilates ball hydrants w/pulses
Band tricep kick backs + one holds one works
Band shoulder press + one holds one works
Bench dips

Butts & Guts
Thursdays workout:
Workout - Client workout Butts and Guts
Time of workout - 1 hr
Cals = 90

Walkdown pushups w/hop
Bird dogs + leg lift pulses
Single leg bridge lift + pulses
Overhead bridge lift w/pilates ball

Circle band leg lift adbuctors (killers!)
Circle band V
Circle band lateral chest fly
DB upward rows

4 count crunch on stability ball
Oblique twist on stability ball
Double crunch w/pilates ball
V sit bench crunch w/pilates ball
Straight leg reverse crunch w/pilates ball at ankles

Since the doctor gave me full release I need to get my plan together and post it so I am accountable.

Daylight savings starts this weekend! I am so happy about that...........
woo woo!

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