Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Shopping Haul

First day of spring woo woo......bring on spring high fashion season legs!

I went on a little shopping spree over the weekend at Ann Taylor and Loft. I just love Ann Taylor, and of course her Loft line is more sportswear but so adorable.

Her fit is cut like I am built so that works for me without alterations, saving me money. I am a perfect 6 there and I could wear the 4 but since I sit all day I like the fit to be less snug. (and the little bit of extra length on the skirts since I walk through a warehouse full of guys)

All in all the haul was amazing! (insert need to take haul picture this weekend)
2 jacket sweaters
2 skirts
2 bright mid sleeve summer sweaters (may take to Maui)
1 amazing necklace
5 tops (1 long sleeve, 1 mid sleeve w/sparkle, 1 sleeveless, 2 short sleeve
1 wide belt
1 pair of boot shoes (were $275.00 got at final sale $50)

all for just $500.00!

Plus I got a few more things, 2 tanks Old Navy and 1 bright orange sleeveless cowl at Stein Mart and a colorful body bag.

Happy Spring!!!

Yesterdays outfit:
Top to bottom including shoes - Ann Taylor

Ha rushing out the door, hello Monday

Today's outfit:
Top to bottom Ann Taylor Shoes - Payless

I love the necklace so much, and I got it at 40% off. I got another bright sweater in melon I can't wait to wear.

Week 2 of Insanity

The plyo in this workout is killing me! This is drill after drill...........non stop, sweat dripping. Results = nothing yet.

Client training:
Workout - Client training Butts and Guts
Time of workout - 30 min - 60 min
Cals burned = 90

1 set x 20 each

Single leg bridge
Bridge w/ball roll out
One leg bridge one works flexed on ball
Over head crunch straight arm on ball w/10lb db
Chest fly on ball w/15lb db
Overhead tricep on ball
Pushups on foam roller
Prone pike on stability ball - 10 knee ins
Plank hold 30 sec on stability ball
2 way lift bicep to shoulder press w/10lb db + 15lb
Chest press on ball w/10lb db + 15lb
Plank 1 min

More pictures later on the haul.....

Whats your favorite thing to shop for???


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