Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hair. Running. Clients.

Hair, I am still loving my new hair cut :-)
I think I am getting used to my short hair..........and styling it is so super duper FAST!

Its been a while since I had short hair and this is the easiest EVER.
Now for the fall version with scarf added lol .......and my new fav gum! Extra Root beer Float!

Sugar free of course....and its perrrrrfect for a sweet tooth!
Today looks like rain at the office..........not sure spot showers so I may not get in my workout at the park.

I got flowers! So pretty and I love the colors, they smell amazing!

Yesterday I got in a few miles, and not a bad time blasting over 400 calories (and I did not even have to pull my hair up woo woo!) all said and done after training my client.
Here is the workout:
Workout - Lunch run + Client training
Time of workout - 1hr 30 min
Cals burned = 406

Plank up downs
Jump plank to low squats
Rotater curl to upright tight arm row

Bosu jumps 3 way
Dips w/toe touches to single leg w/lift
Hammer curl to shoulder press

TRX mountain climb to scissors - 1min
TRX pull ups 20
Carry on..........make it count!

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